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Off to the Theater: C3

April 20th, 2012 Comments

A few weeks ago Mom saw a review in the paper of a show by C3, called ‘Wil je in ons groepje?’ (Do you wanna be in our group). She mentioned it to me and indicated she’d like to see it. They were doing one show near here, and that was exactly on her birthday. […]

Assuming TV follows reality…

February 8th, 2012 Comments

…the American school system is really weird. I just watched Glee 3.12 The Spanish teacher, and in it, Mr. Schuester gets scolded by Principal Figgins for not being a good enough Spanish teacher.  So Will decides to go to night school to improve his Spanish, and once there, he can barely follow the native Spanish […]


April 18th, 2011 Comments

Watching an episode of CSI now, and over here in the Netherlands, foreign shows are subtitled. And the person who subtitled this episode is really good. I often complain about subtitling and how they botch jokes, innuendo, double entendres and so on. But this was a very good re-write in Dutch of a joke. Scene: […]

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Around the Internets II

November 23rd, 2010 Comments

If you need to vehemently protest something, press the Nooooooooo Button. Twenty obsolete English words that should make a come back. I’m especially fond of  Widdendream (Noun – “A state of mental disturbance or confusion”) and Brabble (Verb – “To quarrel about trifles; esp. to quarrel noisily, brawl, squabble”). Ancient Amazonian Tribes (and current ones […]