Satisfied Musings

Today I did the thing I dislike about living on my own. I cleaned house. Dusted, vacuumed, changed the bed and stuff like that. The only thing I left for tomorrow are the dishes. Fortunately, it isn’t that much so it’ll only take me a little time tomorrow. Despite really not liking the cleaning up and all, having a clean bed and house does make me feel good.

Another thing I did today was make a podcast, or more an update cast for Equilism. While I don’t much like my voice (although I’ve grown beyond not being able to listen to it at all), Chauce thinks I’ve got a lovely voice. Blushing 2

Yesterday I went over to Warffum to hang out with Eva. I did all sporty and such and cycled there. We then took the car to Yngvar (her horse) and rode. I took a whole lot of photographs of Eva and Yngvar and she tooka few of me when I rode him for a bit.

Then we went to the city to go and paint (part of) the new house of one of Eva’s friends. Fortunately, I didn’t have to cycle all the way back, Eva dropped me off halfway so it was a matter of fifteen minutes or so before I was home.

I did wake up with a muscle ache in my neck-shoulder area but not too much which is good.

I recently finished reading a really good book. It’s called “The Ethics of Star Trek” and its goal is to find an ethical philosophy upon which Star Trek is based. In doing so, it describes and explains all the major ethical philosophies starting with Plato and Aristotle all the way up to existentialism. It uses Star Trek episodes as examples along the way and it perfectly combines my love of Star Trek and my desire to learn something about philosophy.

After reading it once now, I know I will read it again soon as it’s a fascinating read but also a lot of information and I just know parts of it have slipped through the cracks and seaped out of my ears. 🙂
I have, however, found the ethical theory that fits me best (I might change that after a reread but for know), which is a modified Kantianism. And then specifically modified with the theories of Tom Regan and William Ross.

I’m also re-reading Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea books. I’m three-third through with book three. I’can’t wait until I get to book four as it’s the only one I haven’t read yet (I read the others for the first time years ago).

After that, my book schedule holds Dan Simmons’ two Hyperion books, a Dutch translation of a German book which is called Melodies (when translating the title). It takes place in 16th century Italy and is about an alchemist who doesn’t succeed in making gold but finds other ways to influence his surroundings.

After the two scrapbook kits I posted a few days ago, I’m working on a new one that’s taking shape already and I still have another lying around somewhere of which I’m not sure what way to go with it. I’m waiting for the spark, like I had with the Mocha kit. Once I got it, I finished the entire kit in one day.