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Photo by Grietje Tjalma Fotografie

Tse is a 31 year old person, more commonly known as Erik, living in a tiny village in the northern part of the Netherlands with their cats Monkey, Milo & Captain Blackbeard.

They’ve been spending a good number of years studying which lead to a BA in archaeology (prehistory of North-West Europe), a short foray into a masters in that same archaeology as well as a try at teacher’s education and two years of Dutch Linguistics & Culture. They’re currently working in webcare and community management and doing fun things in their time off.

In that free time, Tse likes many different things although they all seem to have one or two things in common. That often being creativity and imagination. Favourite things to do are reading, writing, playing World of Warcraft, going to the movies or the theater, enjoying fantasy and scifi universes, photography, graphics work on the pc, crafting, and otherwise creating stuff. Other interests include history, archaeology, linguistics, sociology, gender and sexuality minorities, mythology, spirituality, paganism, animals, specifically cats, nature, art, and more.

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