1. Signe

    I find it helps me with feelings that I am rationally done with, to cast them over my shoulder. Just making the fysical gesture helps! Weird but true. Also, if it keep bugging you, you might want to have a ritual of some kind to get rid of it. Writing something on a piece op paper (hopelessy oldfashioned!) and burning/burying/shipping it of in a bottle.

    I am jealous of your tablet! Have fun with it. try getting the wreck thsi journal app. I think you might like it

  2. @Signe

    Working with analog materials 😀 is awesome, provides a nice counterbalance for the digital life I tend to live. Writing it down on the blog is a good way of letting go for me. The tablet is awesome, I can so recommend it! I checked out the Wreck This App, but unfortunately it’s incompatible with my tablet (at least according to Google’s Android Market). Plus, I’ve no payment method attached to the Google store yet.

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