Some Random Photos, Just Because

January 2012: Monkey loves scritchies.


January 2012: I bought a laser pointer, Milo loves it (it’s between his front paws). Sadly, I seem to have misplaced it at the moment…


January 2012: Hello human!


January 2012: Went to Eva & Jarig’s for a game night with them and Ingrid. We played Scrabble.


January 2012: Because finding a more comfortable spot is so hard…


January 2012: New slippers, they look nice, and they’re warm. They were also dirt cheap so will probably not last very long.


February 2012: Milo was very interested in the key chain ducks that I keep on my World of Warcraft authenticator.


February 2012: I think this is the closest the two of them have been so far. Occasionally they get closer as they sit on the window sill together for a couple seconds or they walk past each other, but for a prolonged period of time, this is as close as it gets.