Long One

It’s been a while but nothing much has happened since last time. I had my second bagpipe lesson last week and it was great. Although this Thursday I can’t go as my mother and a few of her colleagues are leaving the company they work for and so the company is hosting a party then to which we’re all invited. And the Thursday after that it’s right in between Christmas and New Year so that’s probably not gonna work either.
My moving out is coming closer every day. I only need a fridge, a vacuum cleaner and a dresser now as my cousin had a nice small coffee table thingy I could have as well as, gorgeous curtains and some lights; which is great but I first need to go and check how many light placement thingies I have. Then, I saw a really nice dresser in a brochure and not very expensive either, but I can’t get it yet as I’m not sure of the measurements of the area the dresser will go and need to make an appointment with the girl who’s now still living there to come over and measure things.

In other things, after I got home from work tonight, my parents told me the TV repair guys finally called and they’ll come by on Friday. I have to work then so I won’t be there for it but my parents are more than capable of showing Mr. Repair Guy where my TV is :D. I do so hope it will be done and ready when I get back from work. I’m really sick and tired of not being able to relax and watch a movie or series, I especially miss my habitual Star Trek before going to sleep. Fortunately, last Saturday, Nienke came over and brought her DVD player and so we watched some episodes of Voyager. Then, in the early evening, Ingrid came by and we celebrated Saint Christmas together which is a combination of Christmas and the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. If you don’t know what that is, google or wiki for it as I don’t really feel like explaining the whole lot. Suffice it to say that Sinterklaas is the origin of Santa Claus (USA style Santa that is).
Anyway, it wasn’t anything fancy we just got each other a few nice small gifts. The DVD player friend left later that evening but completely forgot her DVD player so that is still sitting here until we meet up again :D. My other friend stayed the night as the next day we went to the city of Arnhem where we went to the taping of a comedy show (De Lama’s), which will be broadcasted on December 31st. I do believe we will be on screen as we were seated pretty close to the presenter of the thing. My friend said she’d ask her stepfather (who has a DVD recorder) to record the show so that’ll be fun.

Now, for the coming period nothing very fancy going on, I’m having a LOTR marathon (Extended Editions) with a group of friends on the 28th from 16:00-4:00. I’m probably staying at home on the 31st as it will be my last New Year living in this house and it will also make the dog feel better if we are all three present as she is scared as hell of all the fireworks.
On January 5th one of my friends is organising a small New Year’s party so I’ll be going there then. And after that, moving out. I’m really looking forward to it.

Okay, that’ll be all this time. And, I’m not sure anyone is actually reading this, but if you do, for whatever reason, even if you just landed here by accident, a comment would be nice :).

Happy Holidays!!! (For whatever it is you celebrate this time of year, be it Christmas, Hanukah, Yule or something else completely.)